Thank you so much for considering attending Ilion Community Church. Visiting anywhere for the first time can be daunting so we have created this page to help you enjoy your experience and get the most out of your first visit.  Service begins at 10:00am.


What will the Experience be like?

The worship services at Ilion Community Church include contemporary video worship experience and a practical Bible message from Pastor Dean or Cory who is mentoring. You can definitely expect to crack a smile while being challenged to discover and grow in your relationship with Christ. After the service grab a cup of coffee, spend time engaged in conversation with others on a similar spiritual journey if your schedule allows.

What should I Wear?

Come dressed however you feel comfortable – God will be here no matter how you are dressed. We welcome you just as you are – but you are more than welcome to dress-up if you like.  Jeans are a common sight.

What about my Kids?

You have a choice. You are more than welcome to keep your kids by your side. However, children are a priority for us, so we provide child care just after the music worship has ended. We have a shared area for children up to 5 years old – all of this in a safe environment. They will be cared for during the service.

Arrive Early

Arrive 10 minutes before the start of your service. Arriving 10 minutes early will give you time to check your kids into their environments, grab a cup of coffee, and have a seat a few minutes prior to the beginning of the service. We want you to enjoy your experience from the moment you arrive without being hurried or feeling under pressure.